There are many people who start a blog, then drop it and later come back. Obviously, I am one of them. In 2014, (it is a bit scary to think how long ago it was) I decided I needed a blog, and for a long half a year I struggled with it trying to prove to myself God knows what. Then, exhausted, I left it to gather tons of virtual dust.

Now I have a wish to revive it, though I will change many things. First of all, the major subject. I will keep looking for inspiration and ways to be creative, but I won’t think anymore why I should write. I believe now that all you do in life, at least in your spare time, should be done not because it has to be done (for whatever reason), but simply because it is fun and you enjoy doing it. So I won’t push myself to write daily or even weekly. Once in a while I will simply think aloud about things I find interesting.

My interests, by the way, shifted in the last years. Drawing has become the centre of my life and is pushing aside all other hobbies. That’s why visual arts will become a leading theme of my blog. Funny facts about art or drawing techniques, some artists’ fantastic works or a cloud that looks like a pencil – anything will do. If you are curious about what is going on in my head you are welcome to read this blog. Weigh anchor, ahead we go!


Triggers and Crossroads


When I’m given freedom to write whatever I want I don’t know what to write. I need a push, or rather a friendly nudge, and I suspect I’m not the only one, otherwise the prompts wouldn’t be so popular and needed.

Does it mean I’m not creative or full enough? I doubt so, as when I’m triggered I find the source of ideas and emotions inside me.

Does it mean I don’t really need freedom and in case I obtain it I won’t know what to do with it? Is it why a choice, when I’m given a chance to make it, is such a difficult thing? I don’t know what I truly want, what is really important, what is the right thing to do. And I’m afraid I’m not the only one here either, otherwise numerous self-help books wouldn’t be so popular and needed.

When it comes to writing, I believe you can come up with a way to trigger yourself, like Ray Bradbury, for example, who created a list of nouns that provoked his imagination and helped him to connect to deeper levels of himself. But what about life? Are there pointers that can help you to choose the right path when you are at the crossroads? I wish they were. I wish there were prompts in life to show you the direction. And I wish there were no free-write Thursdays on WordPress.com.

The Daily Post


Ten Empty Minutes


What can you write in ten minutes? Is it enough time to express any of your ideas, wishes or dreams? Ten minutes… Preparing my breakfast takes longer than that. I spend more time in bed after waking up, trying to adapt myself to a new day. Ten simple minutes of writing won’t give you any chance to get to the core, to get anywhere at all as first ten minutes you usually scratch your head, pick up your nose or perform other brain activating gestures in hope to find a word that would push you ahead.

An impulse, that’s for what you need first ten minutes, they allow you to find a motive that would give direction to your writing. But if you have no time to use this impulse then what is the point?

Ten minutes… I make my tea longer than that. I wonder what everybody else’s respond to this prompt will be? Some senseless scraps similar to mine? I’ll better go check as these short ten minutes are now over for me. Good luck to you guys, I hope it went better for you.

The Daily Post


Dramatic Inspiration


When your eyes are open everything can be inspiring. Yesterday I looked up at the sky and saw this. Isn’t it a Beethoven’s symphony, a burst of colorful passion spilling over an evening city, threatening and blessing at once? Don’t you hear the music?

No need to go far for inspiration. It’s always right in front of you. Look around, and you won’t miss it.


Sharing my “Oooh!” with Dream, Play, Write!
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I’m in a good place right now. To paint my mood on canvas, I would take a fair amount of Parma yellow and drop it right in the middle. The big round-like spot would have merrily fluffy edges, and tiny dandelion sparkles would dance along all around.

Then I would take some orange and sprinkle it over the yellow to give crispy texture to my sunlit joy.

I would add sweeping deep-blue brushstrokes here and there and then mix them with their light-headed celestial twins.

After that I’d put the canvas on the wall, unframed, and come up to it once in a while to throw a glance at myself hiding behind the colors.


The Daily Post