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Correct Proportions for Drawing – Free Training Program for Artists

I recently found a simple and very useful program that helps me train my eye for drawing better, and I want to share it with everybody who might be interested in it as well.
I chose not to write a review but make a short video on YouTube where you can immediately see how it works. You can watch it here; the download link is below the video.
Hope it will be useful for everybody who draws and paints and wants their artwork to be well constructed and true to life.

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7 Best Places to Learn Drawing Online

A person who wants to learn to draw but has no opportunity to attend an art school (for lack of time or money etc.) today has another option called Internet. YouTube is the biggest source of free art tutorials that you can watch at any time, so it seems ideal, right? Not so much, as it turns out. YouTube is full of people who are ready to teach you while they are not well trained themselves. As a result, you pick up their mistakes instead of real knowledge. And when you are a beginner you can’t see the difference. The only way here is to choose those who know the craft for sure. As I have already past this period of looking for great teachers I can share what I have found. Of course, my list is incomplete and quite subjective, but anyway it can serve someone who is serious about learning to draw but doesn’t know where to start.


First place to visit is the web site Ctrl+Paint.  The artist behind it is called Matt Kohr and he is able to explain quite complicated things in a short and clear way. The website offers a very big library of free tutorials about basics of drawing and digital painting, as well as various in-depth classes that cost $10 each. I really love this web site.


Stan Prokopenko

Proko is a name of a web site and also a YouTube channel founded by the artist Stan Prokopenko who creates free short video tutorials that allow to learn complex subjects in small portions. Proko teaches an academic approach to drawing and the major subject here is human figure and portraits. Lately the authors started a caricature course which follows the same scheme of short and entertaining tuts. Those who are ready to pay can buy detailed in-depth courses on anatomy, figure and portrait drawing and caricature. I am subscribed to Proko’s YouTube channel to stay in tune.

Marshall Vandruff

Thanks to Proko, I discovered Marshal Vandruff, a fantastic artist and teacher who explains perspective better than anybody I could find. On his web site you can download 1994 Perspective Drawing Series (it’s kind of old, but the perspective rules don’t change, you know) which consist of 12 lectures, each is about 30 minutes long. It costs only $12. Also, Vandruff conducts seminars on such subjects as human and animal anatomy, composition, visual storytelling etc. Check his web site to know more, I’m sure you’ll find something that will work for you.


Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise is a wild-life artist and animator who worked for Disney for about twenty years. Today he dedicates his time to personal projects and educating artists. He creates hours-long tutorials on animal and human anatomy, character design and animation that you can buy on his web site. The average price is $60-75 for a course, but the courses are often on sale, so if you are patient you can buy them with a big discount. Plus you can buy a yearly subscription which includes everything that is already on the web site and will be issued during the year. You can find sneak peeks from the tutorials on Aaron Blaise’s YouTube channel, as well as regular online sessions where he demonstrates his working process when creating illustrations from a sketch to final touches. Aaron Blaise is very inspiring, and I love one of his paintings so much that I installed it as a wallpaper on my PC screen.


The founder of Schoolism Bobby Chiu claims that he created it to be able to learn from the best visual artists and that he often takes classes himself hiding behind a random name. The level of classes on Schoolism varies from beginner to advanced and the spectrum of subjects covers everything, from fundamentals to portfolio reviews. Whether you want to study realistic oil painting or caricature, storyboarding or environment design, concept art or sculpting you’ll find it here. Just to mention some names, the teachers are Thomas Fluharty, Nathan Fowks, Jason Selier, Stephen Silver, Terry Whitlatch and Bobby Chiu himslef. To get an access to classes you have to buy a yearly subscription that costs $299,40. Bobby Chiu also has his YouTube channel where he discusses a wide variety of issues and posts interviews with outstanding artists.

SVS Learn

Will Terry

The Society of Visual Storytelling is an online art school founded by artists Will Terry and Jake Parker and oriented mostly at illustrators interested in children’s literature. The classes are of different length and level, from beginners to advanced, and the subjects are also very different: fundamentals, inspiration sources, drawing animals, character design, perspective, color, composition etc. The prices start at $10, but you can also buy a monthly or yearly subscription which gives you an access to the entire video library. The monthly pay is $14,99, but I heard the prices are planned to be doubled quite soon. Check this web site, I am sure you will find something that will suit your needs.

I also follow Will Terry’s YouTube channel where he shares his personal and professional experience connected to the world of kidlit and answers his followers’ questions.

Barnstone Studios

This web site offers a quite unusual approach to drawing which I am sure you cannot find anywhere else. It is based on geometry and Golden Ratio – the principles that Myron Barnstone considers the most important in the classical school of drawing. The course I watched is called Introductions to Drawing Systems. It is pretty expensive ($349), very interesting, very informative and very complicated. I had to see every lecture for three times to truly get what Barnstone meant. But it was totally worth it because it is so much easier for me now to analyze form and composition, and I can even understand – finally! – how to inscribe a sphere in a cube. I have to add that Myron Barnstone passed away in 2016, but his legacy of teaching lives on.

Well, that’s it. This is the list of the web sites I find helpful for those who want to improve their drawing skills. Congratulations if you were able to read it all through! If you are aware of a great source of knowledge I haven’t mentioned, please leave your comment to share it with everybody else.