There are many people who start a blog, then drop it and later come back. Obviously, I am one of them. In 2014, (it is a bit scary to think how long ago it was) I decided I needed a blog, and for a long half a year I struggled with it trying to prove to myself God knows what. Then, exhausted, I left it to gather tons of virtual dust.

Now I have a wish to revive it, though I will change many things. First of all, the major subject. I will keep looking for inspiration and ways to be creative, but I won’t think anymore why I should write. I believe now that all you do in life, at least in your spare time, should be done not because it has to be done (for whatever reason), but simply because it is fun and you enjoy doing it. So I won’t push myself to write daily or even weekly. Once in a while I will simply think aloud about things I find interesting.

My interests, by the way, shifted in the last years. Drawing has become the centre of my life and is pushing aside all other hobbies. That’s why visual arts will become a leading theme of my blog. Funny facts about art or drawing techniques, some artists’ fantastic works or a cloud that looks like a pencil – anything will do. If you are curious about what is going on in my head you are welcome to read this blog. Weigh anchor, ahead we go!


Blogging to the Future

Half a year ago I didn’t think about blogging. I heard there are people who write and publish their thoughts and stories online but I couldn’t imagine I would be one of them. ‘I don’t have anything to say,’ that was how I felt about blogging and writing in general.

Then one day some crazy bug bit me and I thought why not? Let’s try and see what happens. I created a page, published a couple of posts and ran out of ideas. The whole month I wasn’t able to write anything and thought that’s it, the blogging activity proved to be not my thing.

In June Writing 101 came into my life and formed a new angle of view for me. First of all, I realized how many people are out there who, just like me, wait for a push to think about something and write it down. And it’s fascinating to see how different people express their polar opinions and feelings when they talk about the same subject and how unique everyone’s experience is. And your own experience also seems to be unique and worth sharing.

The other important and interesting discovery was that, obviously, you can respond to almost any idea no matter how alien it sounds first. If you give yourself a minute and think about someone’s words or images you will hear your own answer which sometimes will be surprising even for you, like, ‘Really? That’s what I think or remember or feel?’

Thanks to blogging I made a good step towards myself and self-discovery and probably towards honing my writing style. Altogether it’s fun and I keep going, to get to know me, to learn writing better and just to see what happens.


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