Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

Two of a Kind

The bus arrived, and the dog leaped up wagging his tail and staring at the opening door with hope. Nobody went out. I climbed in, and the bus took off. The dog stayed frozen in the shadow of the worn out phone booth that, too, had been abandoned for years.


Let It Be

About twenty years ago, one of the university professors highly recommended me to read Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludus. Yesterday, I finally opened the book.

It is funny how long it can take. Even funnier it is to think that an idea to do something that you consider important, but ‘not right now’ can stay with you for years. Quietly, timidly, it hides somewhere in the shadow part of your brain. It never truly leaves, and sometimes you notice a glimpse of it, but it is so weak that you easily push it back again. Until one day it pops up and turns into an imperative: Do it! Now.

That’s what happened with this blog, as well. I’ve been playing with this ‘maybe one day’ idea for a pretty long time until: Do it! Now.

So let it be.