My Two Cents

Today is Blog Action Day and everyone discusses inequality. I guess I can add my two cents.

I believe we all are not equal to each other. And I’m not only talking about social differences like economical status of your family or your race, ethnicity, religion, gender etc. These characteristics are obvious, but to me, they don’t really matter because they don’t describe a person behind all those social labels. I truly don’t care about them, but I believe in inequality although I see it from a different perspective.

Inequality makes life interesting. We are not equal. And when I say that I mean we all, from the very beginning of our lives, are given different abilities. Some of us are extremely talented in mathematics while others are totally hopeless in adding three to one. Some are born athletes and others can’t grab a ping-pong racket properly. Some paint from childhood and grow up into great artists and others never learn how to draw a simple line. We are not equal. But is it bad? Not at all.

Inequality makes us different, and this is a wonderful thing. If we all were the same, if we looked the same physically and had the same pack of skills we would want to do the same, we would have one profession for all of us and we all would have to live the same life. It’s hard to imagine a society made of mathematicians or athletes only, but that’s how it would be. We would be a planet of multiple and extremely boring twins. Who needs that? Nobody. Such a monolithic society would never survive.

Inequality has another side that’s called uniqueness. If you are not able to do something that others do so easily and you envy them day and night it still doesn’t mean you are worse than those ‘lucky’ ones. It just means you have your talent hidden in another place. And if you cling to the idea that you are not equal to those who can do something you can’t you will never give yourself a chance to find out what makes you different, what makes you unique and special.

So I would say don’t care about being similar or equal to somebody else in anything, from social status to everyday habits. Find what is unique about you, what you have that nobody else has, and your inequality to others won’t ever bother you at all.


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12 thoughts on “My Two Cents”

  1. Interesting post and use of the word inequality. I would not have linked that automatically to being unique, more to the social differences like economical status. But yes, I agree, I’d rather be my unique me than a boring copy of others

    1. First thing that comes to mind when you hear the word inequality is economical status, of course. But it is not the only meaning of this word and not the only way to see things. And that is what I wanted to say 🙂

  2. Excellent! What an interesting way to view inequality. I especially liked what you said about not focusing on what you can’t do but looking for your own inequality, your own unique talent. Bravo!

    1. Thank you, Janey. I think when you focus on the negative things you can’t see anything else. This blocks your mind and you can’t find the way out. It’s kind of a vicious circle. That’s why it’s much better to concentrate on positive things. They can bring you somewhere.

      1. Exactly! I live with a negative person who (mostly) sees the down side of everything. It’s exhausting! I struggle at times to remain positive and supportive because I know part of it is that he suffers with depression, diagnosed or not. Thank you for this!

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