Not For Me, Thank You


We live in the Twitter era so you can send a message to almost anyone you want, including Dalai Lama or the Pope or any of Kardashians if you are a fan of those. Sending a word is not a problem. Being heard by the person you try to connect to, that’s the real thing. I have doubts that those who have thousands and millions of followers read any message from their readers. (If you can call a Twitter follower a reader, of course. Seriously, what is there to read?) These people must have the whole staff who work for them to respond to or ignore the fans’ desperate cries for attention.

It would be a great fun, though, to see the Pope, for example, with a smartphone in his hands, texting and maybe even giggling at his own joke. Oh, I’d love to see that.

I stay away from Twitter because it’s just too much for me. I once tried to play this game and started following Ricky Gervais. I love this guy, he’s very smart and funny, but he tweets seven times a day as if he had nothing else to do, plus he tweets not only as himself, but also as all the characters he plays (another seven tweets a day for each of his alter egos), and then he retweets someone, and then he comments on someone’s tweets he retweeted… Oh, dear god almighty, my head was spinning around, even though I followed only one person! No, I decided, thank you very much, I’ll stay away from this fun. And if the Pope, the President or Kardashians have something to say to me, they can send me a letter. I will read it myself, I promise.

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10 thoughts on “Not For Me, Thank You”

  1. I tried Twitter for a bit. I started out following the local news in another state during the trial of the man who murdered my brother. After the trial was over there wasn’t much of interest so Twitter and I have parted ways. Ditto for Facebook; it was too much of a time suck; most of it was pointless and not nearly as interesting as Real Life.

      1. And thank you. It was almost more shocking to learn I had a brother I’d never met than that he had been killed over a decade before. Maybe one day I’ll write about that.

  2. My desktop is my all purpose connector to the world, besides the newspaper (emphasis on paper). My cell phone only makes calls. I absolutely love email and my blog. That’s enough for me.

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