Triggers and Crossroads


When I’m given freedom to write whatever I want I don’t know what to write. I need a push, or rather a friendly nudge, and I suspect I’m not the only one, otherwise the prompts wouldn’t be so popular and needed.

Does it mean I’m not creative or full enough? I doubt so, as when I’m triggered I find the source of ideas and emotions inside me.

Does it mean I don’t really need freedom and in case I obtain it I won’t know what to do with it? Is it why a choice, when I’m given a chance to make it, is such a difficult thing? I don’t know what I truly want, what is really important, what is the right thing to do. And I’m afraid I’m not the only one here either, otherwise numerous self-help books wouldn’t be so popular and needed.

When it comes to writing, I believe you can come up with a way to trigger yourself, like Ray Bradbury, for example, who created a list of nouns that provoked his imagination and helped him to connect to deeper levels of himself. But what about life? Are there pointers that can help you to choose the right path when you are at the crossroads? I wish they were. I wish there were prompts in life to show you the direction. And I wish there were no free-write Thursdays on

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8 thoughts on “Triggers and Crossroads”

  1. I know I’m more productive with a prompt! But I find prompts in amazing places, like this morning on the train or the other morning when I saw the seagulls soaring. 🙂

  2. Hi Joanne! I actually just found you through Yeah Write. I got some criticism through Rowan. Although I am sure this criticism is well founded, I am having trouble detecting some of it in my own writing. I would love to go into depth more with a fellow writer on this and I wonder if you’d be a willing sounding board. I would be happy to do the same for you, if you would welcome my humble opinion. Honestly, I would feel most comfortable doing this in email, although whatever form of communication works for you would be fine. You can reach me at Thanks.

    1. Hi Marissa! Absolutely, let’s do it, I was looking for a writing buddy myself, even though I am not so sure about my editor’s skills, I feel a bit like you, having difficulties with finding what the editor meant. And I agree, email is a better way here.

  3. I know what you mean about prompts. Sometimes they trigger what is already inside me and sometimes they don’t. I get triggered by life going on around me. and recently by re-discovering things and ideas I wrote about years ago. I think my connection with prompts is intuitive.

    1. Probably everything around us can be a prompt, it’s only a matter of being attentive. I’m glad you are re-discovering yourself, it’s always great to come back to things that are truly important for you. 🙂

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