Ten Empty Minutes


What can you write in ten minutes? Is it enough time to express any of your ideas, wishes or dreams? Ten minutes… Preparing my breakfast takes longer than that. I spend more time in bed after waking up, trying to adapt myself to a new day. Ten simple minutes of writing won’t give you any chance to get to the core, to get anywhere at all as first ten minutes you usually scratch your head, pick up your nose or perform other brain activating gestures in hope to find a word that would push you ahead.

An impulse, that’s for what you need first ten minutes, they allow you to find a motive that would give direction to your writing. But if you have no time to use this impulse then what is the point?

Ten minutes… I make my tea longer than that. I wonder what everybody else’s respond to this prompt will be? Some senseless scraps similar to mine? I’ll better go check as these short ten minutes are now over for me. Good luck to you guys, I hope it went better for you.

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