Addiction to a Peephole


I like reading people. I’m not sure I’m good at it, but I love staring at people’s faces guessing what kind of feelings or thoughts they hide inside at the moment. It’s quite awkward, as you can imagine, for those poor creatures to be my experimental victims and I myself not really am a shameless doctor Pavlov’s assistant to poke at their hearts with my dirty finger, so I choose an easy way. I watch people being interviewed in a talk-show studio. This way nobody suffers from my surplus attention and I can replay, if I want, any bit of the conversation as I usually watch it on Youtube.

My favorite program of this kind is Inside the Actors Studio. It’s not as comic or entertaining as many other talk shows, but much more informative and rather intimate, which suits perfectly my get-into-human-mind curiosity. The conversation is long and goes about mostly professional issues; the host is so nice and respectful and often even flattering that all the guests relax in their chairs and open up so I can see them better. Yes, it’s all about me here.

I can’t say this kind of pastime deepened my understanding of humanity or taught me anything useful at all, but, within some other curious details, I discovered that Johnny Depp is quite shy and tries to hide himself behind his hat and long hair (quite naïve, isn’t it?), that Jim Carrey’s ears blush for delight when he receives a compliment and pretends being indifferent to its power, and that Jennifer Aniston is so reserved that you can’t read her well even when she’s on this show.

I know, it must be a loss of time and I won’t learn anything that I should learn, maybe, in this life, but I have a strong habit to indulge myself in my slightly (I really hope so!) perverted hobby so until Inside the Actors Studio invites new guests I’m gonna be there, spying at them and guessing what kind of thoughts and feelings they hide inside.

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2 thoughts on “Addiction to a Peephole”

  1. I just like watching people in general.

    Like at train stations (I’m inevitable early for trains) I love just sitting/standing around and looking at people arriving/leaving/waiting/meeting/greeting/saying goodbye etc and wondering about their lives and background stories. Or on the bus/tube/train seeing people interact (or avoiding to – very common here during the London commute) with others.

    However, I actually hardly ever watch tv shows like you describe (or reality tv etc). Sometimes I rather make up the story/personality myself than knowing the (sometimes very mundane) reality….

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I like train stations, too, they are a great place to look at people, especially if you travel a lot. As for TV, it can be a kind of a close-up, if you are interested, of course 🙂

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