Way Too Early


My blog turned into an audiobook would be a very strange thing where chapters are not connected, neither thematically nor stylistically. Pieces of memory followed by fiction samples followed by some random musings… A listener, if there were one, would get lost right away and drop listening to this mishmash. To make this awkward project at least somewhat attractive I would need help of many, many actors whose velvet voices would enrich and maybe even give some sense to the whole idea, but what would it do to me?

Every wannabe writer is looking for their own identity, and my not-found-yet voice replaced by many professional others, even sounding irresistibly beautiful, wouldn’t get me closer to myself. On the contrary, I would get lost, along with the hypothetical listener, within the jumble of various readings. So I’ll pass if I may. I’m not ready for an audiobook or any other media adventure. I have miles to go before that, many long miles.


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