Look Out: The Trap

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I’m not a big fan of responsibilities I haven’t chosen deliberately for myself, so, definitely, I wouldn’t like to be heir to the throne with obligations inherited along with the crown. And if I were unlucky enough to be a firstborn in a royal family I would run away from the palace like Audrey Hepburn’s character in Roman Holiday, only, unlike her, I would never come back.

The idea of being an off-the-hook sibling doesn’t look so bad though, you can have all the privileges of the royal life style and yet not much to care about. But, if you are unlucky enough, your stupid brother, heir to the throne, can marry a divorced woman and resign, and then you, poor stutteter (we all have seen The King’s Speech) will have to replace him on the throne and carry out all the duties anyway.

If you happened to be born outside the palace but, for some reason, are attracted to the royal life style, like a butterfly to the fire, you, being a cute little girl, have a chance to play Cinderella and marry a prince who is never to become a king. The plan seems flawless and promising like a win of lottery. But we all know that, if you are unlucky enough and too cute to be true, you’re gonna end up in a lethal car accident.

The conclusion that suggests itself is simple: whatever it costs stay away from the palace ‘cause it’s one big mousetrap.


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