Not a Cry-Baby


I’m not a cry-baby.

I never weep watching movies. Well, sometimes. But only when they kiss in the rain that falls in the desert. Or when a hero is killed in the very last moment by his best friend who slept with his wife who is a hotty. Or when they show a cute little puppy and he’s hungry or wants to pee.

You see, I’m not a cry-baby at all. I’m a strong, emotionally stable woman, and you need to offer something really dramatic to make me sob.


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6 thoughts on “Not a Cry-Baby”

  1. Is there such a thing as an emotionally stable woman?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’ll redeem myself by demonstrating that stable or not, no woman has to defend an eyeful of tears during a movie.

    I don’t typically brag about being a macho, manly type, but maybe I don’t have to. I’m a beer swilling, hard driving, tool box toting redneck. I love action movies and classic rock, old blues and outlaw country. I’ve repaired cars with duct tape (not joking). I’ve lived without carpet or paint on the walls. I’ve never lost a fist fight. All that, and somehow I’ve still managed to occasionally tear up watching advertisements for greeting cards. My favorite is the one with young figure skater who gets two cards from her mother before she competes.

    1. Thank you, Matthew, for your comment.
      Frankly, I didn’t expect any serious remarks on the subject, but as you touched it, I have to say that emotions are very dynamic by their nature so being emotionally stable would probably mean emotionally dead. But some people are able to control the expression of their emotions better than the others, and they are usually considered to be strong ones. It’s up to you in the end which image you want to produce if you want to produce any.

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