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Creative Dawn Hours

I read an article about biphasic sleep which claimed that humans are genetically predisposed not to sleep all night long, but wake up in the middle of it and start acting right away. The article also promised that the early morning hours are the best time for creative work. The idea is based on the fact that for many thousands of years humans didn’t know electricity and went to bed, or better say to cave, when the darkness fell. Naturally, they got up at sunrise and started a day in the middle of which they had their refreshing siesta and hit the hay for another time.

It reminded me of Napoleon Bonaparte about whose strange daily routine I read many years ago. He went to bed around eight in the evening, slept till midnight or so, then got up and started planning his wars. As we all know, this schedule of his proved to be very productive.

“Ok,” I thought. “I can give it a try. I will get up at about three in the morning and try to write something to see if this time is really perfect for being creative. If yes, I’ll have a sure trick to tame ever capricious Muse and will write a masterpiece.”

I usually wake up in the middle of the night for my portion of insomnia so I didn’t need any help of the alarm clock, and my husband kept happily snoring when I crawled out of bed to tiptoe to the computer.

“Ok then!” I rubbed my hands in anticipation of the powerful influx of inspiration to hit me in the head. “Let’s see what ya got.”

I stared at the blank page for a while waiting for a brilliant idea to flow into my sleepy brain. Nothing flew in. “I need a cup of tea,” I thought. “Surely, it will help me to brace up.”

I was sipping tea and staring at the blank page. “I want some cookies as well.”

I was sipping tea, chewing cookies and staring at the blank page. Inspiration turned out to be quite a mannerless guest and was late or not coming at all. “Probably I should start without it,” I thought and stared at the blank page again.

I swallowed a cookie, sipped tea and finally decided that yes, there is no point to wait anymore. I started typing. “It’s dark because it’s night. It’s quiet because everybody sleeps. The cookies are nice and crunchy, and tea as well.”

I reread what I’d written. “Yeah…” I yawned. “I never bored myself as significantly as tonight.” I reached for a cookie, but they all were gone. I finished tea and yawned again.

“Maybe I should think of planning a war?” I looked at the ceiling and gave it a thought. No, a military career didn’t seem appealing. ”What a pity, I’m not Napoleon.” I sighed, switched off the computer and came back to bed. I hugged my soft pillow. “I love you, my dear,” I whispered to it. “You are so much better than this stupid computer. The cookies were nice though. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try the biphasic sleep again.”


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