Cleaning Issues


Everybody has something to hate, even if it comes to the simplest things in our little worlds.

I met people who hated washing the dishes. The idea of standing next to a sink with a soapy sponge in their hand drove them crazy and caused nervous trembling. I’m not so neurotic myself, but I get it; nobody likes to touch a dirty, greasy plate with the rests of food sticking to it. I don’t even like looking at it, to be honest, and whenever I pass a table in a cheap fast-food place with some plates still piling on I look aside not to ruin my own appetite.

My husband, in his turn, can’t eat if there are crumbles on the floor or even one crumble or anything microscopic that only he can see. The often view, as a result, is him running around the room with a vacuum cleaner before sitting down at the table. It’s his appetizer I assume and watch him humming along the roaring noise of the machine.

I don’t like cleaning the dust off the things. Ironically, I don’t mind the dust to be where it is even though I know that everybody else minds and sees it as the strongest sign of neglecting one’s household duties. Frankly, I love neglecting my household duties, but I still clean off the dust, sometimes, although I don’t see much of a point in doing so as the dust is invincible and comes back almost immediately. But which of us was never involved into a hopeless enterprise?

Today’s prompt is to choose a robot that would replace you in one only chore. My answer is simple but tricky. If I could I would have a robot understanding the word ‘Clean!’ I would never specify what exactly to clean, a plate, a mess on the table or a dusty carpet. I would just point at it with a royal gesture implying “The things must be done right now!” and watch the poor machine panting over the annoying tasks, all of them, one after another, instead of me. I like when the things are spotless, I simply hate cleaning them on my own.


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10 thoughts on “Cleaning Issues”

  1. Cleaning robots should be the next great invention. Whats with a little dust, I say. But my husband’s nose says, no no. He gets a mean allergy and asthmatic reaction to dust. So its back to dusting for me.

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