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My Cup of Tea

Cup of green tea

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry considered water the most precious drink on Earth and whenever he went to a restaurant water was the first thing he would order. Once he was lost in the desert and learnt the real price of the drink we usually think too simple to pay attention. It is interesting that you have to come through real crap to learn what is really important and how little you need to be grateful. Thanks to the crash of his plane that landed in the middle of nowhere the pilot wrote The Little Prince, one of the most beautiful books in the world. Here where the theory of lemons turned into lemonade becomes handy.

I don’t drink pure water that often; obviously, I need to crash somewhere first, but my favorite beverage is still pretty simple. I love tea, plain green tea, no milk, no sugar, and I don’t care if it’s served hot or cold. The only requirement is a cup must be big.

Some people believe that the choice of a drink adds features to your psychological portrait. I don’t know if it’s true or not; I think the favorite taste can be just a matter of habit as I see many people around pouring Coca-Cola down their throats to accompany the sweetest cake they just swallowed. Seems to be too much sugar for me, but for them it’s just the right amount. I wouldn’t claim it a psychological cry for love, but I definitely see it as abuse of one’s own health.

My own favorite drink may suggest that I am secretly addictive to caffeine for green tea has a lot of it, even though not as much as coffee which I never drink just because I don’t like the taste. If I liked it, who knows, I’d probably live on it as I always need a push to do something and I’m pretty far away from being able to appreciate such simple pleasures of life like free-of-taste water.


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11 thoughts on “My Cup of Tea”

  1. I have learned to like a variety of teas. But, I’ve also learned that too much tea–like anything else–is not good. An excess of tea (especially if there’s any chance caffeine is included) can raise anxiety and tension and rile the temper.

    I like cold water on a hot day. I like cold water with lunch. But, if I am at a restaurant, I prefer the water to be slightly warmer so my stomach doesn’t shrink too soon. Ice cold water is bad for me when on a boat, too. Most nights, I drink cool or room temperature tap water.

    I used to be a Coke nut. But, once I stopped drinking it at least once a week, I lost interest in the sweetness. I still prefer its taste to Pepsi. But, my tastes shift with the weather/years.

    I can drink iced coffee. But, I have yet to enjoy hot coffee.

    1. Wow, you have a whole range of favorite drinks. I avoid ice-cold beverages because I get cold after drinking them. I even get cold after eating a piece of watermelon if it goes from a fridge. Strange reaction of my body 🙂 But a glass of cold water on a hot day sounds perfect.

      1. My entire “encyclopedia” is a perpetually shifting/changing universe of ideas, few if any complete in conception. Drinks are just one thing that changes with age. Yet, somethings don’t seem to change.

        Well, yeah, but ice cold drinks under the right conditions seem a benefit. Newer health experts will say they’re bad…but they might change their minds in years to come. Who knows. I don’t live on them every day. But, now and then, an icy drink can bring down a racing fever or stop a humid day in its tracks. I would definitely not recommend ice cold drinks on a boat/cruise if you get the least bit motion sick as I did. I learned tap water and hot drinks are better there.

        Well, it depends on where you store the watermelon:P But, I hate warm watermelon. It tastes like slimy sherbet.

        So, you generally prefer everything warm/hot? I do like my warm sandwiches. But, I’ve had some good cold ones, too. Tuna fish with mayo and sweet pickle used to be a favorite.

  2. I like water too as a drink. I would love to drink tea but tea gives me acidity and coffee is extreme for me- migraine and acidity.
    So its just plain water for me.
    I like the fact that you can grow to like green tea.

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