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The Work Equation


One of my friends suffered for years from Sunday Sickness. It’s a term for an abrupt drop of mood that hits you on Sunday evening when you realize that tomorrow is Monday and you’ll have to go to work. This friend wasn’t an exception within my other acquaintances; the last hours of the weekend are tragic for so many of us. But one day this guy changed his job and forgot about Sunday Sickness forever. He couldn’t wait for the Monday morning to run to work that he now loved.

I think it was Confucius who said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Well said, hard to argue, and a story of the friend of mine proves it. When you do something you like, even if it is your job and you have to do it every day as you are paid for it you don’t feel the burden of obligations anymore, you are happy.

We all want to be free from annoying duties, from worrying about money that we will need tomorrow and we all dream about winning a lottery that would give us the golden opportunity not to have all these duties, worries or needs. But the chances to hit the jackpot are so minor that, let’s admit it, it’s not much of a hope here. Besides, how long would you enjoy the routine of stretching in a deck chair on the beach with a glass of martini in your lazy hand or jumping from one plane to another in a rush to see all the sights of the world until they turn into one big messy picture where you can’t distinguish which is what? The endless leisure can become a pretty hard task as well.

It seems that the hope hides in another place prompted by the old Chinese philosopher. We can find a job that would bring us joy and feeling of self-realization and forget that we are at work. Probably, our main task in life is to find this spot under the sun so that we all can work creating something that we ourselves like and someone else will enjoy, too. It’s not easy but still possible as some of my lucky friends prove.

As for me, I was looking for something that would be meaningful to me for years, and after reading The Element by Ken Robinson which turned out to be really great help I think I found my little island on the intricate map of life, and, day by day, I am building a bridge to get there. And so far it’s fun.


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7 thoughts on “The Work Equation”

  1. Did Confucius say that? 😮 I’ve been thinking it was Steve Jobs who said that in the 2005 Stanford University Commencement Speech (my latest post has a link back to it if you wanna check it out).

    Regardless, that’s what I’m after. Writing and photographing are the things that I love most and I want to take this as my work. I’m still a student holding a few part time jobs and they all are somehow related to writing. So far so good. Let’s see what the future holds. 😀

    1. This is a very old saying and if not Confucius then someone else much older than Steve Jobs said it first. But Jobs not only quoted these words, he lived this way. I’m glad you found your passion in life and wish you the best on your way.

  2. The other comments distracted me. There is nothing new under the sun. I found your blog to be on the money. My career as a teacher started in a classroom. I loved the children but I don’t like being a classroom teacher. I went back to school and got my MLS, worked as a librarian from then on out, and was as happy as a clam. I couldn’t wait to get to work and didn’t want to leave.

    1. Thank you for nice words. I am a teacher by my education, too, but I never liked it and never worked as a school teacher. I always looked for other options and, luckily, was able to find something I was ok with though it never was the thing I really, really loved, always a compromise.

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