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What’s Wrong with Me?


I have enough time to read and I can find time to reread anything if I want to. But I don’t as there’s another problem I have to deal with. It’s called procrastination. I never thought this word would stay between me and sweet pleasure of reading, but it does.

I have started about a dozen books and, of course, I want to read all of them till the very end. Eventually. One day. Maybe. I’m not sure when (or if?) it happens as whenever I decide to read one of them it comes to my mind that I have another one that is much more interesting.

It takes some time to weigh the options and decide which book is more important to choose. When, finally, the choice has been made and I’ve read a couple of paragraphs I start having doubts if the book I preferred is the right one ‘cause I’m so not into it right now. I switch to the second option and begin thinking about the third one. In the end, after the fourth and fifth change of the cover, I watch Parks and Recreation sitting on the pile of books opened in the middle.

What’s wrong with me? This is the only question I need to answer because I can’t blame the books for being boring. Or, at least, I can’t blame all of them. The books I want to read differ in style and subject so, theoretically, they might suit any of my moods. But they don’t. I can’t pull myself together to stick with any of them for several pages. Sometimes I think I should drop all the books I started and open a new one to see if it makes any difference, but I know it won’t work as I repeated this trick ten times already. I’m sitting on the pile of books, remember?

Probably, I should blame stress even though I don’t have any. Also I can blame weather; it’s always a good target, or maybe the government, it’s even a better target, for sure. But I don’t blame anyone: it requires too much energy and concentration. I go the easy way. I watch Parks and Recreation. And if I ever get off this strange orbit of reading curse I will reread Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I really could use a ride here. H’m, maybe I should try it right now?


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