The Wish to Spit at the Mirror

Once I read a story of an actress that was standing in front of the mirror trying to ‘arrange’ her face. She used every habitual trick, but the face didn’t respond to anything and stayed puffy, swollen and wrinkled. The actress spat at the mirror and went to the plastic surgeon.

Realization that you are not as young as you were comes as a whip when you are the least prepared. And most often your face or figure is not the biggest sorrow. The lost opportunities, the things you might have done, but never have are the heaviest burden. You know it’s kind of too late to prepare yourself for the Olympic Games, and you wish that you have thought of it earlier because, oh my god, how you want that golden medal!

But what can you do when you stand in front of the mirror and the only wish you have is to spit at it or even break it? The answer depends on the person and the suddenness of his or her insight. I’d say when your train’s gone it’s time to look for a bus. It won’t take you, probably, as far and as fast as the train would but you still can have a great journey. Just don’t wait till you need a wheel chair.


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7 thoughts on “The Wish to Spit at the Mirror”

  1. Nice thought- wherever you are in life, keep moving. Don’t stay put- there is always somewhere to go. There are many more lessons to me learnt, many more smiles to be given,many more friends to make, many more meals on wheels to serve, many more prayers to send and so on. It is a many more day- if you think of it that way.

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