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The Framed Mind


Sherlock Holms smokes his pipe, Batman drives his Batmoblie, and Winnie the Pooh is unimaginable without a pot of honey. If someone wished to turn me into a fictional character I would run with my tablet in hands throughout the whole novel.

Some years ago, though, I would be pictured with a book or two pressed under my armpit or hidden in my backpack. But time changes, and I go along with it. I’m now a technology slave and can’t imagine what I would do without my little multifunctional friend. I read, write, browse the web, watch videos on YouTube, chat with friends and even check time with its help.

I’m sure my image wouldn’t be unique on the pages of modern life. I would just be another one in the crowd of similar technology addicts that feel lost and confused if their mobile device is off. The difference would be a model and its size and color, but that’s it, the rest is the same. Most of us look at the world today through a handy frame of a tablet PC. Whether it’s good or not I’m a part of this game. Are you?


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6 thoughts on “The Framed Mind”

  1. I’m glad you asked. I have a cell phone that is only a phone. I use it in airports to connect with whoever is picking me up when I arrive at my destination. It lives in my shoulder bag at home and comes in handy if my land line goes out. I’m not against the new marvels of technology. I just prefer a quieter world.

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