Fighting the Procrastination Curse


I see procrastination as a guilty pleasure when you give yourself a chance not to do what you are supposed to and, while doing something easy and funny instead or not doing anything at all, you still remember that you are cheating and the punishment will come.

By my nature, I’m ready to postpone anything. Everything with a tug ‘must’, no matter if it’s cooking, writing or buying an ice-cream cone scares me off. If there’s ‘must’ I will make it in the last moment possible or, with a bit of luck, never.

I know procrastination is my enemy; it keeps me away from achieving things I want to achieve. Besides, the pleasure of doing something unnecessary would be much more joyful without the dark shadows of guilt and fear of retribution. So I decided to fight postponement off. In search of the right weapon I read a hundred articles on the subject describing reasons for procrastination and the ways to overcome it. None of them worked for me. I kept sitting on the couch thinking how overwhelmingly difficult it is to come out, cross the street, enter a little shop and dig out a cone of blueberry ice-cream from a big fridge.

I had to come up with my own solution based on all the material I had read. When I realized that it wasn’t the ice-cream journey itself that blocked my will power, but the ‘mustness’ of it I invented a silly trick. I imagined the tag ‘MUST’ glued to the ice-cream cone and burned it. Before the fire faded out I was on the other side of the street holding a portion of ice-cream in my hand.

The key is to burn the ‘must’ tag. The stopping power of this simple word is limitless and inexplicable so it’s better to put on a wizard’s cloak, wave with the magic wand and make the tag burn in hot colorful flames. Then you can step over a pinch of ashes and do what you have no obligation to do. You will cook because you are hungry. You will write because you want to say something. And the ice-cream… After burning the curse I can’t even remember what could keep me from it all this time.


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