Fearful Hero

Fear is a natural instinct that helps us to survive. It prevents us from crossing the road in front of a speeding bus. It keeps us away from an open window on the eighteenth floor. It pushes us to defend our life in case someone threatens to take it. So it’s good to let fear flow through your veins. Some people get addictive to this kind of fear and jump off the bridges, buildings and planes in order to feel the adrenalin explosion again and again.

But the same fear keeps us in prison if we let it into our heart. Fear of failure, rejection, disapproval, fear of not being loved, fear of being laughed at. This fear makes us slaves of someone else’s opinion. For this fear we deny ourselves. We don’t express our thoughts, wishes and hopes. We refuse to follow our dreams. We sit in the cage trembling, in the cage we locked ourselves.

Can we be free from this fear? Some say we can. Some teach how. Some tell they learnt it. As for me, I’ve never met anyone who would tell me, “I’m not afraid”. But I’ve met some people who, being scared, frightened, horrified, pushed their fear aside and did what they were afraid of. I admire those people. I see them as heroes. And I believe they would never be as strong as they are if they didn’t have any fear to overstep. Fear can be your fuel. Fear can be your compass. Fear can help you to move forward. So my belief is let it be. Live with it, but don’t let it enslave you. Be a fearful hero.


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