Double Mark


There are two birthdays on my personal calendar, mine and new year’s. I celebrate them both in a similar way. I make resolutions.

I was born in July, and it makes my celebration schedule quite balanced. Every half an year I meet the landmark that pushes me to look back and check if I have moved, changed or developed anything I wanted to move, change or develop; I revise if I’ve fulfilled any of the dreams and plans I had some months earlier.

Most often there’s not much of a reason to set off fireworks or drink champagne, but yet I find something worth at least a glass of wine or a cake. In the end, it is not important how far you moved towards the goals you set for yourself. What matters is that you keep going.

Humans are somewhat like sharks who can breathe only while swimming forward. People don’t lack for oxygen, of course, when their inner life slows down, but they look like lethargic dolls, and it’s a sad and boring view. So I celebrate staying awake and feel lucky having a reason to do so twice a year instead of once. And of course, I eat my cake.


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6 thoughts on “Double Mark”

  1. Great way to describe it! I feel the same way with my July birthday. Happy Birthday to you and me both!
    At the gym there is a quote on the wall… “If you’re tired of starting over, don’t give up.” Love that!

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