Colored Pencils Mystery

I have a simple wish. I want to learn how to draw with colored pencils. Every time I see someone’s brilliant work, no matter if it’s a portrait, a landscape or a still life piece, I melt. Most of all I‘m attracted to wild life genre. When I see big lions stretched on the paper I want to adopt them and make them my framed pets.

So I decided to go ahead and draw my own big cat. As a novice I needed a guide. I chose a step-by-step book in an online shop and bought it. It never arrived. I complained, and the seller refunded my expenses.

I bought it again from another seller. The book never arrived. I complained, and the seller refunded the purchase.

I chose the third shop, ordered the book and guess what? It never arrived. I complained, and the seller sent the replacement package. Which didn’t arrive either. I got my refund and put the money in the pocket.

All the other books I ordered during the last half a year arrived on time.

Strange thoughts crawl into my mind. Am I a character in someone’s story where the author just hates me or has no other idea how to build up the plot’s tension? Or maybe the blue deep sky itself has something against my innocent wish to draw cute tiger cubs or fluffy red squirrels. Should I take it as a sign that wild life is not for me and my role is only to sigh dreamily while looking at someone’s drawings? Or maybe I should become ultra-green and go to Africa to save elephants from the ivory hunters? What should I do, dear skies, to earn the right to draw a kitten in color?


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14 thoughts on “Colored Pencils Mystery”

  1. I am also an artist and frankly I’m not that good with colored pencils either. And I totally understand your desire to draw a kitten. I can’t figure out why they’re so much harder to draw than cats. Sorry about that book; that’s really weird. Have you tried to order it from Blick?

  2. This is one really simple but cute wish! Well the thing is, we both have pretty much same – I can’t draw with colored pencils.
    I’m glad there’s someone who writes about such a thing.

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