Goodbye, Bitterness

If I could say goodbye to one flavor that I wouldn’t be able to distinguish anymore I would choose bitterness. The receptors on my tongue would not recognize this taste, and, along with my mouth, my brain would become bitter-insensitive.

I would not be afraid of bitter truth, I would bravely face it.

I would pass by the bitter sense of shame, leaving it behind me unnoticed.

I would stay deaf to bitter words of reproach and self-deprecation.

I would forgive all bitter enemies of mine and would never drop bitter tears of defeat.

I would live without grief and resentment, anger and disappointment, fear and depression, all these feelings that make life so bitter sometimes. It would be so easy if I could just switch off one of the flavor sensors.


The Daily Post


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Bitterness”

  1. To get rid of one of our flavors. Don’t wish for it Joan. I know a person who lost her perception of taste- can’t taste anything and she feels she’s living the life of a living ghost.

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