Sketching, Writing 101

Lost and Found

She bumped into him at the party. He was hugging a girl and looked happy. She said, ”Hi, nice to see you”, then went away and cried on the bathroom floor.

A year ago he didn’t show up at the wedding, his and her wedding. She came home and found a letter that said “I’m sorry. I can’t do it. Jack.”

She wanted to burn the letter, but put it in the night table instead. She wanted to burn his cloths, but they all were gone. She wanted to burn her memories, but they kept reviving.

She wished to see him again, and there he was, smiling and hugging and kissing someone else.

A year ago she lost him, she lost herself, she lost everything. Tonight she found the truth: he never loved her. She suddenly felt free.



12 thoughts on “Lost and Found”

  1. I like brief.
    I was told once that the briefest full-blooded story in the world was (SFX: insert TA DAAAAH~! here please) …

    “Two girls went for a tramp in the woods. The tramp died.”

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