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Dear reader,

I want you to know that I used to be a big fan of magazines’ psychological tests, and whenever I found one I was there with a pen in my hand ready to check the yes and no. I lost that habit as I think I have learnt enough about myself to be interested in the titles like “Are you a good listener?” or “Are you a good housewife?” I know the answers. Yes and no. But there is a test that still amuses me. It is when you look at a big square filled with letters, and the first words that you can see tell what is meaningful for you at the moment, what bothers or attracts you.

Today’s Writing 101 assignment is very close to this test as you are supposed to open a random book on the page 29 and write about the word that popped up first. The word that jumped on me was ‘bounded’, and it offers a lot of material for self-analysis.

I know, dear reader, that you are not my shrink so I won’t bother you with the long discussion about the fact that ‘bounded’ is the opposite of freedom, a very big and complex concept that is really important for me. I won’t tell you that I don’t like restrictions and don’t want to feel that my life is limited in any way, even though everybody’s life has some borders, some things you are tied to and probably want to get rid of. I will keep all these thoughts to myself and probably will find what really bothers me and what boundaries I need to step over. I just want to thank you for reading this very strange letter.


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