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Puppy’s Zeal


Oh, how I loved to lick the sweet cream out of the bowl when my Mom cooked a cake! She did it pretty often, for every birthday in family and for any other reason that seemed cake-worthy, so I got pretty experienced. On such days, my brother and I spun around the kitchen impatiently waiting for the sacred moment.

Every cake consisted of three shortbreads. Every shortbread was covered with whipped cream. To make it interesting, Mom added blueberry jam to one part of the cream, cocoa to the other and left the third one stay the way it was. Then she spread blueberry cream over the first shortbread, put the second on top of it and spread it with cocoa cream. The last went the shortbread with plain cream (the simplest taste, but it looked pretty).

My brother and I watched the whole procedure drooling all over it. Then we finally got green light and, competing in speed, grabbed the bowls with the rests of the cream. Sometimes we fought for the chocolate cream, and I always won as I was three years older, so my brother learned to give up before the fight started. We scooped it out with spoons, and when the spoons didn’t work anymore we just licked the walls of the bowl with the puppy’s zeal. And that was the sweetest moment ever. I imagine Mom had no need to wash the dishes, so clean they remained, though I’m still pretty sure she did.


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