Sketching, Writing 101

Misplaced Letter

Writing 101, Day 5. Today’s challenge is to write a piece as short as possible (mine is 100 words) about stumbling upon a random letter reading which affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed.


“It will make him happy. It will make me happy! It feels so great to bring good news.”

It took three minutes for him to open the door. “He must be old”, I thought. He was very old. He gave me a gloomy look, “What are you selling?”

“Nothing. It’s just a mistake; they sent me your letter”.

“I don’t write letters”.

“No, it’s uh… It was written for you”.

He frowned, then took the envelope and glanced at the name.

“Thank you”, he muttered and slammed the door.

“Yeah, you’re welcome”, I grumbled. “I shouldn’t have wasted my time”.





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