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The Loss of Grey’s Anatomy


I don’t watch TV. I hate advertisements and I don’t like depending on the TV schedule; I barely pay attention to news. But I love movies, some TV series included. So what do I do? If I want to see something interesting I download it from Internet and watch it when I have time. It often happens to me that I discover a show long after it was closed. In such a case I download a whole season and watch it at my own pace.

When a neighbor of mine mentioned that she was a fan of Grey’s Anatomy I asked what it was about. “Ah, doctors, like House?” She put all the passion into convincing me that the show was worth watching, and I decided to give it a try. I am very picky, you see.

I downloaded the first season, then another five and then the rest of it, till the very last episode of the tenth season. I simply couldn’t stop watching it. I managed to see all ten seasons in three weeks; you can imagine, I didn’t have much time to do anything else. But I had an excuse – I was in the hospital all the time, in the Seattle Grace Hospital.

I spent nights staring at my laptop’s screen, and every time when I’d say to myself, “It’s the last episode, after this one I’m going to bed”, somebody would get shot or have cancer or be drown in the ocean or any other crazy thing the screenwriters were able to think of would happen. “Bastards!” I yelled at my laptop. “Why don’t you let me off the hook? I want to sleep!”

After three weeks of addiction when there was nothing left to watch I stood up and looked around. Suddenly I was free. “I am free! I’m not lost in this anymore. I can see things around me, I can do things!” Yes, I felt free. And then, right away, I felt empty, and I needed something to fill this emptiness with. So I started watching Grey’s Anatomy again.



7 thoughts on “The Loss of Grey’s Anatomy”

  1. Ha! I’ve been known to binge-watch a series or two. “Just one more episode…” It’s the digital version of “just one more page…” that leads to sleep deprivation.

  2. This is so me and House of Cards seasons 1 and 2. Once you get lost in a good television show, it’s hard to stop.

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