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A Room with a View

When I was a child I read a lot of sci-fi, and most of all I loved the idea of zero-transportation. This term means that you don’t need any kind of a vehicle to go somewhere, you just enter the zero-transportation booth, type in the coordinates of the place and time you want to go and – voila! – there you are. How often I dreamed, being late to school, to have this opportunity just to click some buttons and forget about hurrying or losing your time on the road. The last minute – and you are in class. And till that very moment you can keep reading your favorite story of Jack Finney or Ray Bradbury! And then, after school, you can throw a glance at ancient Rome or revolutionary Paris or the first concert of the Beatles – just before getting to do your boring homework.

Today my windows look at the mountains, the Andes. They are misty at a winter cloudy day like today, and they are blue and green under the sun. In the evening glow their color change smoothly but rapidly, from pink and lilac to dark brown and cold grey.

I don’t want to go anywhere too far right now. Not Rome, not Paris, not Liverpool. I would go to the very top of that mountain that is in front of me to see the place where I am now. I know I wouldn’t see my window from there, it’s too small, too indiscernible from such distance, but maybe I would be able to catch a gleam of reflecting sunlight at the top of the roof. I want to see my building lost in the urban landscape; I want to feel myself being a part of the life of the whole city. I want to feel involved, I want to remind myself that here I am and here I want to be.

When travelling around the world you see new things and compare them to the ones you are accustomed to; you concentrate on the difference. This is easy and can be a great fun. It brushes up your emotions and feels refreshing, but it is not what I long for right now. I want to see similarity that seems to be a key to closeness; I want to discover oneness even though I’m not sure what it really is. And I suspect that, in order to get there, I don’t even need a zero-transportation booth.



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